Happily Financing Our Community And All Of Canada

With 20 years of experience, eight dealerships around the city and selling vehicles to individuals and companies all over Canada. We are proud to say that we have helped customers with all types of credit. With incredibly high approval rates because of our unbelievable financing options that are exclusive to our dealer group! With thousands of happy customers! We not only sell but we check in. We love knowing how our customer is doing with their vehicle and if they are still as happy a year from now as they were the first day that they purchased it. We don't look at bad credit and think it can't be fixed, we look at it as it can and will be! Let us help you improve your credit. Let's communicate throughout that first year of your purchase and see if we can refinance your vehicle, get you a lower rate and improve your credit score. We are not just here to sell you a vehicle we are here to make sure you leave happy and stay happy. If you are a first-time buyer anywhere in Canada let up make that process as smooth as possible for you! We have all been in tough situations let us be the ones to help you out of yours!